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Behind the scenes

Our Mission

This project is a matter close to our hearts. We have a vision. Quality is our top priority, for which we tested different frames, contacted companies and handpicked the final selection. We decided on German brand products.

Part of our vision is to foster the creative development in children and young people parallel to the school system. Every purchase contributes to this philanthropic philosophy.

The goal of ARTSCIENCE is to create an environment in which creative collaboration is encouraged.


ARTSCIENCE is the fusion of art, music, and science.

Synesthesia is a phenomenon which stimulates and blends multiple senses. According to brain researchers, everyone has the potential to have synaesthetic perceptions, i.e. to be able to see sound as color, to feel color and/or sound as temperature, or to even to taste sound and color.

Through our wide-ranging experience in the fields of art, music, and science (e.g. radiology), we understand the interplay between mind and body and enjoy using this knowledge to support people in their creative development, collaboration, and to grow together.

Logo created by Ronald Wissler.

Quynh Klaus

Quynh is the initial spark of the project that slowly spreads to employees, supporters, kids, teens and people. Through her medical experience and understanding of body and mind, which she for example uses in the evaluation of imaging procedures in radiology, she is the embodiment of the philosophy behind the QK ARTSCIENCE project.

At the age of 12, Quynh started to held painting courses and was a mentor for children and adolescents in various subjects that paved the way for today's coaching, courses and team bonding coaching. You can tell in every aspect: QK ARTSCIENCE is her heart project.

You can find more information about Quynh on her website:

You can also find Quynh at her profile at the M.A.D.S. Art Gallery artist directory or her MONAT Gallery artist profile.

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