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Community Core Values

"Your creativity is the esprit of our heart" with "hand, heart and mind".

1. supportive
2. honest
3. loyal
in unison with each other.

Code of honor and program guidelines

1. Code of honor

The ARTSCIENCE community is a safe environment to feel comfortable. You will be helped, listened to, respected, and given a safe environment to express yourself creatively.

Please turn on your camera during the painting sessions. On the one hand, this serves the better communication and atmosphere, on the other hand, we can guarantee the protection of our private event. If your camera is not working, we look forward to seeing you at the next session. We stay among ourselves, the sessions are not recorded, your artworks belong only to you.
We welcome kids any age. No two people are the same, so we will work together and see if your concentration can be kept up for several hours in the calls. You're welcome in future calls in a few years in any case again.

Please use only one account that solely belongs to you, don't advertise, respect the privacy of others as much as yours is respected, be friendly and tolerant to every member, don't share plagiarism and support the representatives of QK ARTSCIENCE in their work to make the community an amazing place.

That's all. If you adhere to general manners, you are warmly welcome.

I have read and accept the above terms and conditions.


If you see any suspicious users in the community interacting with your child, please report it immediately in our Slack Community or by email to