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art3f Paris 2022 Impressions

... or entering the world of art with a frontkick! We want to blow a fresh wind and are not hiding it.
We'd like to thank all visitors, everyone that showed their interest, every supporter, the MONAT Gallery and last but not least the art3f event itself. Additional, we're very thankful for our ambassador Ida Mantey.Darüber hinaus bedanken wir uns bei unserer Ambassadorin Ida Mantey.

QK ArtScience Ambassador Ida Mantey vor einem der Quynh Klaus Kunstwerke während der art3f Ausstellung 2022 in Paris.


The eighth annual art3f in Paris took place in 2022 with an exhibition area of 10,000 m².


A large number of artists and galleries from all over Europe have presented their contemporary works from a wide range of styles together in one place.

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In addition to the direct exchange with other artists, gallery owners or simply art friends, there were also art performances to experience together live - not only visually.

Moments from the art3f Paris 2022

Artworks from our art3f Booth for sale